Full Software Development Life Cycle Management

We’re a passionate group of multidisciplinary professionals committed to solving the most complex technical challenges facing MedTech and Robotics companies with innovative, secure, and reliable software technology for life-saving and safety-critical applications.

Proven Expertise in Developing Safe, Secure,

Reliable Software

Guided by engineering best practices, our own proven methodologies, and a structured iterative process, our skilled architects, developers and engineers develop complex software solutions for reliability, security, safety, scalability, and extensibility.

Medacuity Software Development Life Cycle Graphic

Software Development Core Competencies

  • Ideation

    A good idea is just the starting point. We can help validate if ‘good’ is good enough although our approach at this very early phase is to challenge our clients to think bolder. With decades of experience developing complex, software-intensive solutions in heavily regulated industries, we take clients through a product ideation process that leverages the insights, experiences, and ideas of all critical stakeholders. Your good idea just got a whole lot better.

  • Requirements Definition & Planning

    MedAcuity developers know that clean code and a slick design are not enough to meet the demands of today’s technology-intensive MedTech and Robotics markets. We understand the critical necessity of accurately capturing all user needs as they relate to the software system features, functions, and quality of service along with defining the constraints under which the system must operate safely. We analyze, refine, and prioritize requirements and define the means and ways that your new solutions will meet strategic objectives and resource availability. Your great idea is one step closer to becoming reality.

  • Architecture & Design

    Our highly skilled software architects develop robust architectures to meet all technical and operational requirements, while optimizing quality attributes like performance, safety, and security. In design, we develop detailed specifications describing the elements of the solution and how they fit and work together to fulfill the system requirements.

  • Risk Analysis

    Risks are painfully real and all too common with complex software development projects. Experienced and knowledgeable MedAcuity project teams closely follow the established framework for risk analysis, evaluation, control, and review—ISO 14971—for identifying and mitigating medical device risk.

  • Risk Management

    MedAcuity program leads are well versed in identifying potential technical and project risks at the outset of a development effort. This forward-thinking mindset means that risk mitigation strategies are worked out at the very beginning of a project—greatly minimizing the impact of risk to timelines and budgets.

  • Development

    Our highly experienced engineers apply their industry knowledge and technology know-how to write meticulous code and convert design documentation into the actual software. Our team ensures that all code meets the software requirements specs and conforms to the stakeholders’ requirements while meeting all regulatory requirements.

  • Verification & Validation 

    Are you building the product right? Are you building the right product? Two critical questions that Verification and Validation will answer. We methodically check that the new software system meets specifications (building the product right) and it fulfills its intended purpose and will meet users’ needs (building the right product).

  • Deployment

    After satisfactory completion of verification and validation, we deliver fully-engineered software technology ready to integrate into your product design. In addition to your software product, we conduct a comprehensive transfer of knowledge process including all technical documentation, training of your teams, and most importantly all developed IP is handed off to your organization.

  • Quality Assurance

    Our well-defined QA Program built on proven standards and procedures focuses on preventing product defects before they emerge and become issues. Every development effort we undertake is with one goal in mind: to deliver safe, secure, and highly reliable software that meets all required regulatory standards and exceeds our clients’ expectations.

  • Maintenance

    Sustaining and maintaining software over its lifetime is critical to ensuring that it continues to perform reliably, safely, and securely. Protecting this investment is also vital to the ongoing success of your business. Maintenance is much more than fixing issues or bugs after delivery. In the hands of our skilled engineers, maintenance can focus on improving the software’s performance, adapting it to changes in operating environments, continually perfecting the software to meet new requirements and user needs, preventing its deterioration, and documentation management.