Andy D’Amore

Senior Vice President of Business Development & Delivery

As our SVP for Business Development & Delivery, Andy is focused on identifying business opportunities while growing and generating new business for our organization. Additionally, Andy is responsible for ensuring that our delivery execution is world class and consistently meets or exceeds the needs of our clients. He brings a combined 24 years of experience in the software engineering, healthcare, and MedTech industries to his role at MedAcuity.

Andy enjoys the challenge of solving complex business problems through flexibility and insight, and mapping to technological advances and capabilities. He says, “No two days are alike. I’m fortunate to have found a role that combines my core background in software development technology and process with real world complex issues that take committed people and focused teamwork to solve.”

One thing that stands out to Andy about MedAcuity is, “The obvious engineering and operational talent here is really impressive and clients are overall quite thrilled with what we deliver.” He is confident in the team's ability to reach big milestones as we continue to explore new markets and expand our services into new regions.