Our Company

We were founded in 2007 by two seasoned software engineers with one principle in mind, to do what is best for our clients. For over a decade now, we have been the go-to, Boston-based, software development partner for global MedTech companies.

Our Mission

To enable our client’s success by developing the most innovative, secure,
safe, and reliable software in the MedTech industry.

our core values

  • Integrity

    We believe in good work and good people and are respectful and kind in all that we do.

  • Knowledge

    We are committed to hiring, training and retaining the best and brightest MedTech.

  • Commitment

    We are determined to provide the very best software solutions and will work diligently to ensure our clients’ success.

  • Transparency

    We will be open and honest with our clients, our colleagues, and ourselves.

  • Accountability

    We understand the importance of our work and take our responsibilities to our clients seriously, both as a company and as individuals.

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